Standardising could yield huge efficiencies

Bottle packaging

Last week you asked for suggestions for products that could have standardised packaging design, following the news that the Government is considering standardising cigarette packaging (Voxpop, 2 December).

One immediate response springs to mind – make the cigarettes themselves seem ’uncool’ by having a standard colour (pink). Now that would have a much greater effect in encouraging reduced smoking.

It’s a shame that these initiatives need to be enforced. How much better would it be if different product categories got together and implemented standardisation programmes that still allowed for individual expression, but also enabled huge efficiencies of scale, particularly in the area of recycling.

Industry standard bottles, for example – if the likes of Sweden and Canada can do it, why on Earth can’t we?

Oh, and if there was consistency between councils and the way they collect and recycle materials, think of the positive gains there, too.

John Mathers, Managing director, Holmes & Marchant, by e-mail

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