Aqueduct creates Unicef campaign

Aqueduct has created a campaign for Unicef, which aims to help prevent the spread of HIV from mothers to babies in the Third World. It is being launched across press, posters and direct mail this week.

The campaign targets British mothers with children aged under two, and is a move away from the 50- to 60-year-old, ABC1 ‘caring professional’ audience which makes up its traditional supporters.

‘More than half-a-million babies are born with HIV and more than half of these will die before their second birthday. We felt a hard-hitting and factual campaign aimed at mums caring for babies of the same age would be most effective,’ says Aqueduct account director Brad Morris.
Aqueduct’s creative treatment is centred on a photograph of a newborn baby, with the tagline, ‘freeing a baby from HIV is as easy as 68p’. As well as raising funds, the campaign is also designed to build awareness and educate audiences.

The campaign aims to raise £1.5m.

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