Milan to get cultural centre

Proposals for a new cultural public building for Milan are set to be unveiled in the form of a model at an exhibition at the Milan furniture fair tonight.

Architect Wilkinson Eyre has designed the building concept, working with London design consultancy BLIP, which created the LED lighting.

The House of Human Rights Cultural Centre design, launched in collaboration with Amnesty International, explores ideas for a new kind of public space, including a range of activities such as leisure and learning, debate and design, theatre and activism.

The centre will include an IT resource centre, exhibition spaces, auditorium, conference spaces, offices, a shop and café. It will host art exhibitions, lectures, conferences and educational programmes for schools and universities, as well as be a focal point within the city for the discussion and promotion of human rights.

Some of the walls, both exterior and interior, are to include embedded LED lights by BLIP, which can be programmed to show a variety of messages, images and artworks.

As the site is yet to be chosen, Wilkinson Eyre has created a design that could fit into a number of locations.

At present, the building is expected to have a footprint of about 5000m2, which will create a significant presence in the city.

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