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We at Design Week are inundated with invitations to events most days of the week. Would that we had the time to attend more of them, particularly the steady stream of openings from the the art community that appears unaffected by the deep recession that has hit design.

Tokyo invite

We specially liked today’s offering of an art show party featuring an absinthe fountain – but then it is 1 April, so we may give it a miss.

Few invitations catch the eye though as much as the intriguing origami package we received this week for Tokyo Innovation, an London event organised by Anglo-Japanese group Dentsu with support from D&AD.

Designed by Dentsu people, primarily in Japan, it folds out to reveal two black and white sheets, one in English, the other in Japanese – that intertwine using origami shuriken, we’re told – giving details of a show printed of Japanese cultural gadgets.

No mention of a sake fountain though. Shame.

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  • Simon North. CEO Dentsu London November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Lynda, I love the idea of a sake fountain and will see if we can find you one for the 21st!

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