Benjamin Shine designs recycled bag for Eurostar

A train manager’s bag for Eurostar staff has been designed by Benjamin Shine using reclaimed staff uniforms and train seating.

Appointed by upcycling company Worn Again – which had won a contract with Eurostar to make the bags – Shine began the project in November 2009.

Working with train managers, Shine sought to create a product which he says is design-led and functional. Upcycling is the process of deconstructing textiles into their component parts and reusing them. 

Quantity, size and shape of available materials, and strength and practicality all had to be considered by Shine, as well as allowing enough space for a train manager’s book, radio, torch, ticket stamp, high-visibility vest and personal belongings.

Describing the project as ‘a first’, Shine highlights the ‘complex deconstruction process of the collected materials’. He says, ‘This is ultimately the challenge inherent in current upcycling, but one which offers unique design opportunities.’

‘It’s an exciting stepping stone to the entirely new methods of manufacture for product and textile reuse in the future,’ adds Shine.

Eurostar’s 250 train managers will begin using the bags in June.

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