Clearleft revamps Channel 4 News website

Brighton-based digital consultancy Clearleft is working on a new website for Channel 4 News.

The consultancy was appointed following a four-way credentials pitch in February, according to Clearleft creative director James Bates.

Bates says the consultancy has been tasked with bringing the site more into line with the brand values of the Channel 4 News TV show. He says, ‘We were also briefed to change the way the site works, so that there is more in-depth analysis.’

He adds, ‘We want to make sure the personalities from the TV show come across, too.’

The new website will additionally include new techniques to promote feedback, comments and integration with reports and blogs, such as presenter Jon Snow’s Snowblog.

Vicky Taylor, cross-platform commissioner for Channel 4 News, says, ‘We are proud of the difference between our show and other news broadcasters, and wanted to improve our engagement with our audience.’

She adds, ‘As well as bringing the insight and analysis from our international correspondents to the site, we are keen to develop the conversation between our team and the audience.’

The new site is set to launch at the end of September.

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