Ded Associates brands Centre for Fashion Science

Ded Associates has created a new logo and promotional material for the Centre for Fashion Science at the London College of Fashion.

The consultancy was appointed in December 2009 following a creative-led pitch against four other groups, says Ded director Jon Daughtry.

Sandy Black, director of the centre, says, ‘Ded shone out immediately for the way in which it understood all we needed to convey as a research centre.’

Daughtry says, ‘The challenge for us was that fashion and science are two very different disciplines. We wanted to get them working as a singular idea.’

The logo consists of a hexagon divided into three coloured sections. It will be used on the centre’s print publicity, including an initial leaflet that folds into the hexagonal brand mark.

The concept was inspired by a Möbius strip, which is a 2D surface arranged to create a 3D object. Daughtry says, ‘We started off with two sides – fashion and science – and with this twist we created a single-sided object.’

The new logo and publicity material will launch at the Smart Fabrics Conference in Miami, US, which runs from 14-16 April.

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