Gavin Thomson develops easy-to-store pans

Gavin Thomson Design has created a set of easy-to-store saucepans – under the name Eazistore – which is going on shelf in the UK this month.

Consultancy design director Gavin Thomson says the system uses a ‘Russian doll’ principle, where one large pan with a lid contains further smaller pans with their lids inside.

Thomson says GTD started working on the self-initiated design in 2006. A grant from the London Development Agency allowed the consultancy to develop prototypes and gain intellectual property rights. He says, ‘This is the first system ever developed where large pans “talk to” each other.’

The current range features three stainless steel pans, and Thomson says there are plans to add frying pans, casseroles, steamers and colanders to the range.

The range, which is being distributed by Imperial International, will be available exclusively in Lakeland stores until October, when it will be launched to the wider UK market.

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