Identica forms partnership with Your Studio

Identica has formed a new partnership with branding and interiors consultancy Your Studio.

Your Studio has relocated to the Identica London office, from where the two groups will collaborate on projects where there is a ’natural fit’,despite remaining separate businesses, says Your Studio creative partner Howard Sullivan. This would include ventures where clients want consistency between 2D brand development and 3D interiors.

Identica chief executive Franco Bonadio (pictured) was introduced to Your Studio by Madelaine Cooper, director at specialist recruitment agency Heroes. Identica wanted to collaborate with small studios so it could attract bigger clients by offering a more comprehensive service, says Bonadio.

’It’s a case of adding up our collective pennies and making bigger pounds,’ he says. The partnership will lend itself to working with developments in augmented reality, says Sullivan.

’The realm of the brand experience is widening as 2D aspects pop out into the 3D real world,’ he says. ’The partnership means we can offer the perfect combination for developments in technology and create a holistic experience.’

Identica is looking to expand further by collaborating with more like-minded studios, potentially in digital and research fields, says Bonadio.

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