Jimi Crayon and ISO work on Chevrolet music tour

Street artist Jimi Crayon and illustration collective ISO have worked on an identity and lighting design for a series of concerts headlined by The Mystery Jets.

Crayon, who has worked with MTV and Sony and is a member of street art collective ATG Crew, has created the Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled Tour logo.

Working to a loose brief, Crayon was tasked with creating a brand which reflected the values of car manufacturer Chevrolet’s relaunched Spark model.

‘The colour palette is based round three colours of the car bodies – blue, red and green,’ Crayon says.

He adds, ‘I also looked at the nature of the word “spark”, and kept the whole thing young and energetic with an electricity style logo.’

ISO, headed by art director Kate Moross, specialises in branding and design for the music industry. The collective will develop Crayon’s identity into a lighting iteration.

Moross says the lighting design will ‘bathe the band in colour using the brand palette. We wanted the fixtures to be almost invisible and everything had to be designed especially for the unconventional pop-up gig format.’

The tour, which starts in London tonight, will move to five locations around the country, determined by a public vote.

Guests at tonight’s show will also have the chance to graffiti a Chevrolet Spark in ‘digital ink’ using infrared ink in 56 colours from a ‘digital can.’ The installation has been designed by digital studio Lumacoustics.

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