LMNO brands music company The Local

LMNO Computer Projects has created a new identity and website for music promotions company The Local.

Consultancy director Paul Tomlinson was offered the contract – in effect an overhaul to reflect the client’s expanded portfolio – in January after working on some animation for a live Local show.

The new identity, ‘a brighter neon logo’, will give ‘more of a club feel’, says Tomlinson, and have ‘more impact now The Local is doing late-night stuff rather than just acoustic music’.

Using the new website to show the breadth of The Local’s expanded offer, the look and feel has been made ‘louder’, replacing a ‘subtle, folky and DIY’ aesthetic, according to Tomlinson.

A calendar including cinema events has been added to the site, along with TV and radio sections streaming recordings of artists promoted by The Local.

An e-commerce area and a bespoke section, showcasing customised events, will be added to www.localism.org.uk, which goes live today.

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