Men: so difficult to define

When it comes to artists’ muses, women tend to be the subject of affection. Artist Rudy de Belgeonne, however, tells a different story by creating individual hand-painted panels with words to describe men.

Rudy Belgeonne - Who's the Man

‘Putting labels on women felt impolite, so I decided to collect names of what men could be and then figured out how to express them,’ explains Belgeonne.

Inspired by the strange names he has been called over the years, the former interactive games designer started a collection of words five years ago with help from hit singles, movie titles and the radio.

Set up as big word game, the colourful collection showcases 1000 names – from Hero to Rogue, Bad Boy to Bloke – with the names grouped together thematically. Each postcard-sized panel is painted in glossy enamel (used for pub signs), with Western and circus-style fonts to express the sinister or comical names.

Rudy Belgeonne - Who's the Man

The decorative installation will be the centrepiece of Belgeonne’s exhibition, Who’s the Man, which is set to open in June at London’s The Future Gallery.

The Slade-trained artist also plans to create a photographic catalogue of men posing with a name panel of their choice. So the question is, are you a sexy beast, a pimp, a geezer or an action hero?

Who’s the Man by Rudy de Belgeonne is at The Future Gallery, 5 Newport Street, London WC2 from 3-8 June

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