Puma bags new packaging by Yves Béhar

Puma is ditching the shoebox in favour of reusable bags designed by Yves Béhar.

The new packaging represents the first stage in the sport and lifestyle brand’s long-term sustainability plan, which it is calling Pumavision.

Puma claims that Béhar’s packaging and distribution system will save 65 per cent of the paper and water used to create its traditional packaging.

Béhar’s reusable cloth shoebag, called the ‘clever little bag’, will reduce weight during transport and get rid of the need for extra carrier bags.

‘I was excited to partner with Puma and contribute to such a game-changing project,’ says Béhar. ‘In changing the packaging and distribution life cycle from the ground up, we hope our new design encourages other retail companies to follow suit.’

Puma’s apparel collections will also be bagged using only sustainable materials, replacing traditional polythene bags, and T-shirts will be folded one more time to reduce packaging size.

Béhar’s packaging system was unveiled at the Design Museum in London this morning. It is due to roll out in the second half of 2011.

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