Rare Breed to rebrand Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen is undergoing a rebrand by consultancy Rare Breed following a three-way pitch.

Briefed to express ‘freshness and quality of food’ and reference the company’s New Zealand roots, the identity, marketing materials and interior graphics are now under review.

Rare Breed director Robert Wade says, ‘GBK is very established and although a lot of people know what it sells, not many people know what it stands for.’

Wade, who talks of ‘warming the brand up’, says Rare Breed won the contract by exploring two creative routes and carrying out an audit of the company and its competitors. 

Focusing on consumer experience, Wade hopes to introduce a new menu design, remove hanging menus and position the company so that it is ‘more driven by loyalty than offers and giveaways.’

The new look – which Wade says will show how cooked-to-order food is integral to their business – is expected to roll out from August.

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