Terry Moore serves up new chocolate shop

Terry Moore Design has created interiors for a new chocolate shop in London’s Borough Market, opening tomorrow.

The Rabot Estate Shop is owned by Hotel Chocolat founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris, who also own The Rabot Estate cocoa plantation on the island of St Lucia.

Thirlwell and Harris appointed Terry Moore Design without a pitch last autumn on the strength of the consultancy’s work on Hotel Chocolat since 2004.

‘Bringing some of the plantation in St Lucia to Borough Market was central to the brief,’ says Moore. ‘It has a West Indian faded look, quite the opposite to the polished Hotel Chocolat interiors. We have used almost entirely recycled materials, including demolishing an old shed to retrieve the rusty corrugated iron’.

Apple crates and barrels form stand-up tables for customers to take cocoa shots at, while two refectory tables will accommodate those dining on chocolate sandwiches. The 67m2 shop also features a retail area for people to buy packaged products.

‘The interior feels very weathered and elemental, like an old shoe that fits you well,’ says Thirlwell.

Graphics, branding and packaging for both the shop and the products were designed by Hotel Chocolat and The Rabot Estate’s in-house team, led by creative director Fredrik Ahlin.

The Rabot Estate plantation is keen to put its ethical credentials up front, including a ban on child labour and a pledge to pay suppliers within a week.

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