Turner Duckworth designs new packaging for Feel Good Drinks

Turner Duckworth has created new packaging for independent soft drinks manufacturer Feel Good Drinks.

The consultancy began work on the project in November 2009 after Feel Good Drinks appointed it on the strength of its previous work for the company.

Feel Good Drinks briefed Turner Duckworth to focus on three features of the brand – premium, quality and natural – when designing the new packaging range, says Feel Good Drinks marketing manager Libby Wybrow.

She says, ‘We’ve established a brand that is recognisable, and our customers really love [it] so we wanted to build on that. We’ve got a great name too, so we wanted Turner Duckworth to emphasise it.’

For the label Turner Duckworth has created a coloured roundel which gives more prominence to the brand name than in previous packaging. Stalks and leaves have been added to the roundels to highlight the products’ fruit content.

The 375ml bottles will be rolling out in pubs across the country this week and, alongside a larger 750ml range, will launch in supermarkets at the beginning of the summer.

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