Union calls another ballot in Red Bee dispute

Members of the media and entertainment union Bectu at Red Bee Media will call off a planned 72-hour strike as long as members agree to a new package negotiated by the union.

A ballot of Bectu’s members to decide whether to accept the revised terms will close on 6 May. Union officials have strongly recommended members to accept the proposals.

The call for industrial action, which was due to take place on 28 April, followed a dispute between Bectu and Red Bee Media over reduced redundancy pay and increased travel costs for staff who work unsociable hours.

Red Bee Media provides broadcast services for the BBC, Channel 4, UKTV and several other broadcasters. Many of its staff were previously employed by the BBC and had inherited redundancy terms from the company.

Bectu officials claim to have secured employees’ accrued redundancy terms and a minimum of 60 days consultation, plus contractual notice for redundancy. In addition, they say Red Bee Media’s management has also guaranteed that there will be no further changes to the proposed redundancy terms for a minimum of two years.

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