Up Creatives creates documentary festival work

Up Creatives has created promotional material, the catalogue and an animated ident for the London International Documentary Festival, which begins tomorrow.

Up was appointed to the project in January following successful branding work for last year’s festival, says Up creative director Jamie Balliu.

This year Up tweaked the logo to use a Helvetica new typeface and an orange and cyan palette to keep the identity fresh and contemporary, says Balliu. He adds, ‘We wanted the graphics to be pop and accessible. We didn’t want to do something dry, stuffy and too academic.’

The graphics use film quotes that have been scrambled to create an abstract image, then reconstructed to reveal the words. Initial promotional posters just featured the deconstructed type with the aim of generating curiosity about the festival, says Balliu. The ident is an animated version of the concept.

Balliu says, ‘The selling point of the festival is the discussion around the films. On that basis we wanted to create graphics that were typographic and language-led.’

The choice to use typography rather than an image took the pressure off choosing just one image or film still to represent such a diverse festival, says Balliu.

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