Poke redesigns the Global Rich List

Poke has redesigned the Global Rich List website, www.globalrichlist.com, ahead of the publication of the 25th Annual Sunday Times Rich List this Sunday.

The Global Rich List homepage
The Global Rich List homepage

The site asks users to enter their location and income, and shows how wealthy they are in comparison with the rest of the world’s population.

The consultancy designed the original GlobalRichList.com in 2003 to coincide with 29th G8 economic summit in France, and following the publication of both the Sunday Times and Forbes Rich Lists.

Nik Roope, Poke executive creative director, says ‘The problems associated with the uneven distribution of wealth across the world are much the same as they were ten years ago, whilst the digital environment has changed profoundly.

‘So Poke has relaunched the Globalrichlist.com to help tackle this same old issue by exploiting the new channels and platforms of today’.

How wealthy are you compared with the rest of the world?
How wealthy are you compared with the rest of the world?

The consultancy has introduced live data feeds via the World Bank’s Data API to the site, as well as updating the site’s data.

A new ‘wealth’ route takes into account property, savings and investments, where the previous incarnation measured only pure income. More currencies and locations have also been added, and Poke says it has ‘increased the sophistication of the statistical model to give more accurate results’.

The site now features animations, aiming to make the data more easily understood and intuitive.

Poke says, ‘In ten years since the original launch a lot has changed, both in the underlying data (recession, remember that!?) and through huge shifts in digital media.

‘When it originally launched no-one had conceived ofYouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, smartphones, responsive design etc, all of which now feature heavily in the brand new site’.

GlobalRichList.com is now accessible through smarthpones and tablet devices, as well as desktop computers, and takes ‘careful consideration to support even the lowliest of browsers encountered in the emerging worlds’, according to Poke.

Users can share the results and wealth illustrations through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Tumblr.

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  • Colin November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Really liked the design elements of the site. It was very engaging and and achieved the objective of proving a point for a good cause. Maybe a future development could include a location based ‘cost of living’ adjustment? 

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