Bloom helps Blossom Hill redefine ‘good, better and best’ ranges

Bloom has helped wine brand Blossom Hill reposition by designing new labeling which communicates the traits of its ‘good, better and best’ ranges.

Blossom Hill line up
Blossom Hill line up

The consultancy first worked on Blossom Hill when brand owner Diageo appointed it to design a label refresh in 2011.

Bloom planning director Ed Hayes says that this initial work ‘helped Blossom Hill get their house in order’.

The new labeling system project saw Bloom reappointed last year as it sort to devise as design solution that would make choosing the wine ‘easy, unintimidating and keep people within the brand,’ says Hayes.

‘There is a misconception that because of the low price the quality isn’t high, so we’re using design to communicate the benefits of cost purchasing,’ he adds.

The entry levels wines ‘are crisp and fruity’, which has been explained through the language and graphics on pack according to Hayes. He says the mid-range is called ‘Sun-Kissed…’ which has been inspired by the popularity of rosé and offers similar products ‘to make it easier for people to get what they want.’

The top-end varietals include wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Merlot and ‘start to take on the look of main-stream premium wines,’ according to Hayes who says, ‘The gold is richer, the type has more finesse, but they are still easy to read and recognise.’

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