From the Road Again

A new photography show examines how environment can inspire artists, showing a diverse range of work that highlights the importance of place – whether shown as a vast panorama or a snapshot of tiny elements within a scene.

Peter Newman London St. Mary¹s Axe, 2013

Source: courtesy of Eleven, London ­

Peter NewmanLondon St. Mary¹s Axe, 2013

The exhibition, entitled From the Road Again, presents work from photographers Rob Carter, Harry Cory Wright, Gerry Fox, Rick Giles, Jonathan Glynn-Smith, Jane Hilton, Dede Johnston, Peter Newman and David Yarrow.

Jonathan Glynn-Smith Flight, Tian Shan Mountains, 2013

Source: courtesy of Eleven, London ­

Jonathan Glynn-SmithFlight, Tian Shan Mountains, 2013

Showing at London’s Eleven Gallery form this week, the images are each imbued with their own individual sense of place, looking to capture the feeling that each of their settings can inspire in the viewer.

Jane Hilton Fence, Laramie, 2006

Source: courtesy of Eleven, London ­

Jane HiltonFence, Laramie, 2006

‘[The photographers’] personal and evocative relationship with the space around them is articulated, revealing atmospheres from wonderment or adventure to solitude and isolation’, says the gallery.

Dede Johnston Off the Beaten Path, 2013

Source: courtesy of Eleven, London ­

Dede JohnstonOff the Beaten Path, 2013

Some of the images directly capture a specific location, such as the beautiful photograph of St Mary’s Axe in the City of London, by Peter Newman, at the top of the story. The picture is from his Metropoly series, which looks upwards at the area, creating a sense of awe at the architecture that forms London’s impressive, imposing city skyline.

Others delight in the elements that make an environment what it is, or those that inhabit it, like this glorious Grumpy Monkey photograph, by David Yarrow:

David Yarrow Grumpy Monkey, 2013

Source: courtesy of Eleven, London ­

David YarrowGrumpy Monkey, 2013

Harry Cory Wright is no stranger to looking at specific locations for inspiration, and previously showed his work in a solo exhibition of photographs of a particular bend in a small river in Tilhill, Surrey.

There’s a more urban feel to the work of Rob Carter, whose images in his Travelling Still series are – in contrast to the title – full of movement. Carter uses a revolving lens camera, which he moves to repeatedly take the same image, resulting in long strands of light and colour:

Rob Carter Travelling Still, Motel, Las Vegas, 2005

Source: courtesy of Eleven, London ­

Rob CarterTravelling Still, Motel, Las Vegas, 2005

Eleven gallery says, ‘This exhibition reflects the endless potential presented by a landscape to an artist. Here these possibilities are represented by a clear environmental awareness, expressed through a combination of the epic prospective as well as carefully observed minutia offered by a scene.’ 

From the Road Again runs from 11 April – 7 June at Eleven, 11 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LX

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