Monotype buys Gridset web-design developer

Type design company Monotype has bought Cardiff-based design consultancy Mark Boulton Design, which developed the Gridset responsive layout tool.


Gridset lets digital designers use grid-system composition techniques as part of a responsive design process.

Monotype is acquiring Mark Boulton Design – and the rights to Gridset – for around £1 million.

It says it is investigating ways of using the tool in its Typecast application – a browser-based tool for designing web pages using web fonts.

Monotype acquired Typecast in 2012 after buying Design By Front, the Belfast-based consultancy that developed it, for around £3.2 million.

Monotype says the acquisition of the seven-strong Mark Boulton Design team will give it ‘recognised expertise in web design and web publishing’.

Doug Shaw, president and chief executive of Monotype, says, ‘We’re positioning Monotype to better meet the responsive design requirements of our customers and ensure the best user experiences across all devices, platforms and media.’

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