Comedy kicks off at shoe shop

An unusual design, retail and architecture collaboration comes together next month, as a London shoe boutique prepares to host a comedy.

Marylebone retailer Tracey Neuls will be the setting for a run of Quality, a dark comedy written by playwright Elaine Avila. The play will then move on to the Design Museum in November.

Tracey Neuls, owner and designer of the shop, describes the set as ‘part seating, part set design, part shop window, part street furniture’, which can seat up to 30 people.

She adds, ‘The synergy – with all the ideas and suggestions – is complex and lovely. A black, mirrored MDF ribbon will create a theatre platform and form an intimate viewing space where shoes hang in the middle.’

Other parties involved in the collaboration include architectural design duo Christina Godiksen and Alex Warnock-Smith, plus Nordic Nomad productions. Quality runs at Tracey Neuls from 6 to 23 September.

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