Danish awards summit kicks off

The Danish design association Index this week opens its annual design summit and exhibition to support its Index awards scheme.

The exhibition, based at the 17th-century Kongens Nytorv Square in central Copenhagen, will run until 23 September and showcases the 106 shortlisted entries from around the globe, including the UK.

Entries will be shown in transparent acrylic spheres, designed by Index technical director Peter Bech, with supporting video footage and information about the creations, which are based on the theme ‘designs for life’.

The Index design summit is due to open on Friday, and will cover four sessions over two days.

Speakers include Ged David, co-president of Global Energy & Assessment and deputy chairman of Eco-Cities, Ravi Naidoo, founder of South Africa’s Design Indaba and Shean Tamburghini, director of the World Economic Forum.

The debate will focus on the commercial potential of user-centred design, as well as ‘designs to improve life’.

The Index awards’ five category winners will be announced on Friday 24 August.

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