Jeffrey to join AIG from Enterprise

Director of wayfinding at Enterprise IG’s UK office, Colette Jeffrey, is to leave the consultancy after six years to join Applied Information Group.

Her departure from Enterprise comes as a result of the current staffing review within the London office.

‘It was a mutual decision to leave Enterprise. The difficult part of that role was to win work that combined wayfinding and branding,’ she says.

Jeffrey, who is also the director of the Sign Design Society, takes up the role of project director at AIG, from 3 September, and will work alongside creative director Tim Fendley on major urban wayfinding projects in London, Leeds and Glasgow.

Jeffrey will oversee the implementation process for existing projects, such as Legible London, as well as integrating elements such as flooring and lighting pathways, which make up the ‘personality of the area’, into wayfinding projects.

Jeffrey has been with Enterprise IG since its takeover of Information Design Unit six years ago, when it became Enterprise IDU, and was with IDU for seven years previous.

Her background is in wayfinding for complex environments such as those in healthcare and transport, and she has worked on Heathrow Terminal Five.

She will retain her role with the Sign Design Society, which is working to establish links with its US counterpart, the Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

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