Attik wins Coca-Cola briefs

Coca-Cola has commissioned Leeds-based design consultancy Attik for three forthcoming branding projects.

The largest project Attik is currently working on is a promotional campaign tying in with Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of the 2010 football World Cup in South Africa.

‘We worked alongside Santo, [an advertising agency] as it was such a big project,’ says Attik client services director Jinny Truman.

The group has been working on the project since March, when it was given a brief outlining the inclusion of three core elements: football, South Africa and the Coca-Cola lifestyle.

Truman says, ‘There were several meetings and trips to South Africa. The briefing was really about South Africa’s big chance to shout out. Everything was inspired by living on the Coca-Cola side of life.’

She adds, ‘We’ve started with a core platform and from this it will be applied to other things like packaging and outdoor posters.’

The work to create the look and feel of the campaign will also be interpreted at a regional level to set a framework for local markets.

Attik will set guidelines for Coca-Cola’s local agencies.

Truman reveals that the consultancy was handed the contract, having worked with Coca-Cola for two years.

Attik has also won two separate commissions to create seasonal packaging graphics for the global soft drinks brand – a Christmas design to be used across all Coca-Cola variants within the range, and packaging graphics to be used throughout the Middle East and Asian countries to mark the Muslim festival of Ramadan (pictured).

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