Brahm gives Traidcraft catalogue a boost

Traidcraft is launching a new-look catalogue this week, designed by marketing communications consultancy Brahm.

In February, Brahm won a creative pitch said to be worth about £30 000, rising to an estimated £50 000 for an extension of the project, against six other groups, shortlisted from ten.

Brahm art director Alan Rothera says, ‘The pitch was in two phases – one for this catalogue and the other for where we’d like to take it in two or three years’ time.’

He adds, ‘We’re taking it in a direction it wasn’t heading before. Products weren’t standing off the page and there was no connection with the producers. We want to make it even more producer- and consumer-linked and introduce producer stories.’

The catalogue is a direct sale catalogue for food and non-food products for mail order buyers and fair traders, some of whom sell on to independent retailers.

Jenny File, product and brand manager for Traidcraft, spoke about the importance of maintaining a link with the producers. ‘That’s what we’re about as an organisation and it’s something that we want to push.’

Recently Design Week reported on a trend suggesting that designers believe the desirability of ethical products does not have to be overstated on packaging for it to work effectively.

Brahm is currently carrying out research looking at the possibility of designing advertising and direct mail projects to develop the brand further.

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