Buxton knits Bordello interior

Product designer Sam Buxton has knitted a new-look interior for the Bordello Bar in London’s Soho.

Buxton’s designs run through the bar’s two main rooms, entrance area and stairs, the walls of which are hung with woven cord.

Together, the wall hangings and a sculptural installation in the bar’s main room contain 25km of knitted, hand-knotted and woven cord. One of the rooms feature woven fabric that has been laid over wire to create sinuous, tree-like shapes.

The seating and lighting were integrated to make it appear as though the interior is constructed from a single surface, according to the designer.

Buxton intends to create more installations in the bar in the future. This work will also explore ways of creating an environment from a single structure.

The Bordello Bar, on London’s Wardour Street, W1, re-opened on Saturday.

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