Coca-Cola unveils latest limited-edition glass

Coca-Cola will launch its latest limited-edition drinking glass, designed by Vibrandt Form, in France on Monday.

The glass will be a promotional item for McDonalds restaurants across Europe from next year.

It is the first time that the soft drinks giant has worked with an external design consultancy for such a project, having engaged French glass manufacturer Arc for its three previous designs, according to Vibrandt Form designer Tom Gilbert.

According to Gilbert, the glass has been ten months in development and translates Coca-Cola’s 2D branding into a 3D form.

‘Coca-Cola has such strong, versatile 2D brand campaigns running at the moment that we felt it was important to translate the graphic idea and create an equally strong, versatile 3D brand representation in the form of its new glass,’ he says.

The base of the glass mirrors the base of Coca-Cola’s iconic bottle shape, with the contours opening out to create movement, reflecting the butterfly and balloon icons, and visual cues used across its current campaign.

The first year Coca-Cola launched a limited-edition design, it used a design called Contour, followed by its Legends glass (also a Coca-Cola ‘archive’ glass), with its most recent incarnation in the form of a Coke can.

Vibrandt Form competed in a three-way pitch last year, to win what is the consultancy’s first project for the iconic soft drinks brand.

The consultancy’s creative team has also designed two additional Coca-Cola-branded glasses, currently being filed for design registration.

Vibrandt Form is the product design and innovation arm of Vibrandt Distillery, established in June, and headed by former product design consultancy PDD senior creatives Miles Hawley, Diane Fox-Hill and Julie Jenson Bennett.


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