Ferrari to open first UK store on Regent Street

Ferrari is set to open its first UK store before the end of the year, on London’s Regent Street.

Italy-based architect and design company Iosa Ghini is designing the interior of the new store, which will occupy 550m2 over two floors. The pair have worked together since 1995.

A spokesperson for Iosa Ghini, Milena Mussi says, ‘There was no competition. Worldwide we have designed many other stores for them.’

The group was appointed to the project on 24 April and the store is expected to open in November.

It will have two distinctive areas for the display and sale of the products, integrated to reflect the world of competitive sport.

The designers were required to address the dual focus of sport and private motoring in their design.

In the luxury area, glossy coatings, leather surfaces and attention to lighting will help display the projects.

It will stock the entire range of Prancing Horse products, aimed at Formula One fans, GT enthusiasts, children and collectors.

The store will hold some surprises and bespoke features, Mussi adds.

President and founder of the company Massimo Iosa Ghini is leading the project creatively.

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