Clear Graphics in poster picnic promotion

Consultancy Clear Graphics has created an advertising campaign to promote picnicking in London’s Royal Parks.

Clear Graphics was appointed directly to the work around six weeks ago, according to account director Marie Maurer.

The campaign comes on the back of an event held earlier this year in Regent’s Park, attempting to break the record for the world’s largest picnic.

Maurer says the campaign aims to highlight ‘what is compelling about picnicking in a Royal Park. It focuses on the surprising elements, and the proposition that a picnic in a Royal Park is no ordinary picnic’.

The posters feature elements such as the pelicans of St James’s Park and the red and fallow deer of Richmond Park.

To support the campaign, Clear has created a new Flash-based website and a series of interactive digital maps which will be made available on the main Royal Parks website.

The six-week press and billboard campaign is launching today and will run on poster sites at locations such as airports and the Tube, and also in daily and Sunday newspapers.

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