Disney to launch ‘boy focused’ TV channel

Disney has turned to US consultancy Loyalkaspar to create the identity of DisneyXD, a new ‘boy focused, girl inclusive’ TV channel, which will be used in a multiplatform campaign ahead of the channel’s launch on 31 August.

The design group’s identity will appear on 600 000 postcards, to be distributed in 300 cinemas around the world. Digital screens bearing the logo will appear in 75 shopping malls.

A Disney spokeswoman says, ‘It allows us to seamlessly move between the world of kids, our branded DisneyXD world and back. The idea is flexible, global, embraces the world of kids and, importantly, allows us to tell a story.’

The marketing campaign will use television, outdoor, cinema postcards and digital media to address Disney’s target audience of 6- to 14-year-olds.

An augmented reality concept will allow children to interact with Disney XD content through the use of webcams. In addition, a link with MSN Messenger will keep users up to date with launch news and video content as the campaign progresses.

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