Hat-Trick gives new look to breast cancer charity Breakthrough

Hat-Trick Design has created a new identity for charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The consultancy was appointed a year ago, following a three-way credentials pitch, according to creative director Gareth Howat.

Consultancy Brandsmiths is also working on the project, having been appointed in January 2008 following a three-way pitch to develop a brand strategy. This involved a process of review and development, including testing each phase of work across stakeholders such as supporters, scientists and MPs.

Regan Burns, a partner at Brandsmiths, describes Breakthrough as ‘an enterprising organisation, not afraid of taking bold and sometimes controversial steps to do what’s right for women at risk everywhere’.

She adds, ‘We simply worked to capture what was already there – the character and attitude of Breakthrough, which is about believing and investing in what is possible – eliminating the fear of breast cancer for good.’

Hat-Trick was then tasked with developing a visual identity based on this brand strategy, working closely with Brandsmiths throughout the process.

Howat says, ‘We took ownership of the 38-degree angle through a distinctive typographic style.’ He adds, ‘The core colour palette uses bright pink, grey, and black and white to create a strong look, but in a way that enables Breakthrough to differentiate itself from others in the sector.’

The identity begins rolling out today with the launch of a new website, developed by Torchbox.

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