Ideo partner Mat Hunter leaves following restructure

Ideo partner Mat Hunter has left the consultancy following the restructure of its London office about four weeks ago.

Hunter, who left Ideo on Friday, emphasises that his departure is not part of the restructure, which has resulted in 11 redundancies.

However, he admits that, ‘it did give me a moment to step back and look at my career’.

He continues, ‘I am fascinated with the huge role of design in a low-carbon future, and while Ideo does do that work, I want to branch out and give myself time to explore other opportunities for working in the field.’

Hunter is unsure whether he will end up working for himself or another company.

Hunter took his decision in the wake of the London office’s restructure, which was implemented to reduce staffing costs and allow Ideo’s London and Munich offices to work more closely on European projects.

An Ideo spokeswoman says, ‘Ideo is increasingly asked to address systemic and global issues such as climate change, economic recovery, food waste and obesity, which require a more agile use of its skill base. The restructure will allow the London and Munich offices to work as one in Europe’.

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