Onedotzero to cut across disciplines

Onedotzero’s education programme Cascade will begin on Friday, encouraging design graduates to collaborate with each other across disciplines.

A series of workshops will take place over three weeks at the Doodle Bar, London SW11, bringing together newly graduated architects, furniture and product designers, advertising creatives, illustrators, interior designers, film-makers, programmers and environmental designers.

The workshops will be led by Glue London and representatives from Onedotzero, Quayola, Arduino,Greyworld and Squint Opera.

The programme aims to cover idea generation, methodology, testing, pitching and making proposals, as well as fostering presentation skills.

On 10 September, Cascade 09 will appear at BFI South Bank, where graduates will present the work that results from their collaborations with each other. This will be followed by a panel discussion.

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