Six creates identity for music-sharing application

Six has designed an identity for Simplify Media, a downloadable application allowing users to share music across iPhones, remote computers and notebook PCs.

The consultancy was appointed on credentials in April, after visiting San Francisco-based Simplify in November 2008.

Six has created a logo, website graphics and marketing collateral, following a brief to create an identity that ‘a young target audience would find arresting’, according to director Darren Jessop.

The product allows users to simultaneously explore friends’ music collections and access their own music library on smart phones and portable devices remotely.

John Kariolis, creative director at Six, says of the logotype, ‘We wanted to make the “s” of Simplify bold and impactful. High visibility is key as it’s an application.

‘Contrasting colour usage – black and red-orange – creates high visibility on the website,’ he adds.

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