Studio 48 designs New York-style bar in Canary Wharf

Studio 48 London has created the branding and interiors of the Lower East Liquor Bar and Bistro in Canary Wharf.

Gabriel Murray, managing director of Studio 48, says the consultancy was appointed directly to the work about a month ago, having previously worked with client Westferry Circus Trading.

Murray says, ‘The client wanted to open an American-style bistro on a site that had come up in Canary Wharf.

‘I’ve spent quite a lot of time in New York, and Canary Wharf reminds me of the Lower East Side area. Also the restaurant is on the lower level of the Canary Wharf estate and the east side.’

Studio 48 has developed a 130-seat restaurant incorporating private dining and an alfresco space. The interiors use traditional materials, including stone and blackened oak flooring.

A neutral backdrop of grey tones is punctuated by red details, such as factory-style lighting and a red leather banquette.

Murray adds, ‘Our intention was to make the design as unique as possible by not following a formulaic design, letting the restaurant’s authentic style sit comfortably with its location.’

The bar and bistro will open next week.

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