400 and Zim Zam Zimmy work on solar brand Engensa

Solar energy start-up Engensa is set to launch a website and marketing materials by 400, which recently branded the company.

400 is working with Zim Zam Zimmy on the digital design. Engensa appointed 400 this spring following a ten-way credentials pitch. The solarelectricity company was founded in November last year to sell and install solar panels in UK homes.

Engensa briefed the consultancy to create ’an anti-corporate brand with personality that would appeal to families that are interested in sustainable living in commuter-belt areas’, says the company’s chief executive Toby Darbyshire. He adds, ’We want to reach out to these people as a company that is passionate about energy issues.

We want to become the leading consumer brand for renewables.’ 400 is producing brochures, leaflets and sales materials, as well as banners and signs to go on scaffolding when panels are being installed, and vehicle livery for Engensa.

’We chose 400 partly because they asked to come down to our office and meet us and see what our business is about, showing that they are clearly interested in the area of renewable energy,’ says Darbyshire. The website is due to launch in the next two weeks, while the marketing materials will roll out from next week.

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