Art stars contribute to Wellington club revamp

Private members’ club The Wellington has been redesigned for its ten-year anniversary to include commissioned work by artist Damien Hirst and sculptor Jonathan Wylder.

Death, sex, New York, vampirism, peace and love have informed the commissions, set out by club creative director Phil Harding.

Harding asked Hirst if he could make a disco-ball version of his work For The Love of God and the artist spent 18 months adapting the design, according to The Wellington.

Hirst has also provided the club with wallpaper designs such as examples of flowers and cigarette butts, and pictorial in-jokes – including one of co-owner Jake Panayiotou’s penis.

Wylder has designed statues of angels, which the club says are set to ‘peer from nooks and crannies’, photographer Bryan Symondson has provided works of Afghan police officers, light artist Chris Bracey has deigned neon light pieces and sculptor Nick Devereux has cast modern-day icons as religious icons.

Bullet-marked mirror panels and stained-glass windows in red and green have been designed by Richard Payton, artistic director of Rainbow Glass Studios.

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