Blue Marlin creates retro-style Pukka Pies packs

Blue Marlin has designed packaging for Pukka Pies’ new microwaveable range, which is due to roll out next month.

Pukka Pies claims that after many years of research and development, it has managed to produce shortcrust pastry that cooks to a crisp and crumbly finish in the microwave.

Blue Marlin’s retro-style packaging and graphics are intended to ‘stay true to the Pukka brand, clearly differentiating it from existing core products and communicating key benefits clearly to consumers’, according to a statement released by the consultancy.

The tagline ‘The three-and-a-half-minute pie’ is intended to distance the product from microwave meals, instead implying that it is a ‘fast’ version of a traditional pie.

‘It was a 3D job, rather than a graphics project, as we had to think about how to appeal to consumers from literally all angles,’ says Blue Marlin creative director Chris Hart. ‘We needed to tackle peoples’ poor expectations of microwave food head on.’

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