Cowan London creates plastic tubs for Heinz beans

Heinz is launching a 1kg plastic jar of baked beans with packaging design by Cowan London.

The screw-top Fridge Pack jar is intended to reduce waste by allowing consumers to reseal it. Keeping open metal cans of food in the fridge is not recommended because the aluminium can oxidise and cause food poisoning.

Each 1kg pack is the equivalent of two and half cans and lasts for five days after being opened.

This is the latest expression of the Heniz Baked Beans brand, which extended its range in 2007 with the plastic Snap Pot – individual servings of microwavable beans in a packaging format inspired by the yoghurt category.

Cowan London has worked with Heinz for several years. Last year, Pearlfisher joined the Heinz design roster and revamped the Heinz baby food range.

The Fridge Pack launches this week.

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