Crush brands Usher’s World Leadership Awards

Crush Design has created the identity for the first World Leadership Awards, an event designed to celebrate inspirational individuals and organisations run by pop star Usher’s New Look Foundation.

The New Look Foundation aims to help young people to become global leaders by training them in leadership, business and service skills.

Crush was appointed three weeks ago after the consultancy was recommended to the award’s production team on the strength of similar branding products, says Crush designer Helen Crawford-White.

The consultancy was briefed to create an identity that felt professional, but was also ‘cool and youthful’, to appeal to the young people involved in the foundation, says Crawford-White.

Crush went through a number of different possibilities before settling on a design that appealed to both the foundation’s directors, who preferred a more corporate style, and Usher, who wanted creative that was more ‘hip-hop and cool’, says Crawford-White.

The identity features a diagonal stripe of colour layered on top of images of children involved in the foundation. Crawford-White says, ‘We wanted something bold and impactful. The diagonal stripes of colour have allowed us to do something bold, but still use the inspiring photography.’

The identity will be seen on posters, the event’s programme, T-shirts and stage backdrops at the event, which will be held tonight in Atlanta in the United States.

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