Design in the dark

Imagine the scene. You slouch out of bed, sleepy-eyed and a bit disorientated, to get a glass of water from the kitchen. Through the gloom comes a glowing vision – a poster visible despite the midnight darkness.

This may be the reality for many poster-lovers after an exhibition by Print Club London in December. Blisters Blackout will involve 40 illustrators each producing a 40 edition print and selling them for £40 pounds each.

‘December,’ you may exclaim, ‘Why are telling us now?’ Well, if you’re keen to be one of those 40 illustrators, there’s only just under a month to submit your designs.

The brief is to create a B2 screen-printed poster that will look good both in the daylight and when glowing in the dark. All the work must be original for the exhibition but can involve pretty much any visual possibility you like. Visit the Print Club London website for more information on the brief.

At the exhibition, which is due to be held on 3 December, the lights will be dimmed for a proper blackout, allowing for the work to shine out. Sounds like a nice antidote to the Christmas lights, candles and baubles that’ll be scorching our retinas by that point.

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