Hands on

The award for the creepiest exhibition at the forthcoming London Design Festival goes to Studio XAG for the Hands On show.

StudioXAG's Hands On show
A model of Studio XAG’s Hands On show

To be hosted at the University of the Arts London’s Arts Gallery from 16 September-29 October, the show centres on a doll’s house drawing room scaled up to adult size, featuring an array of new design objects.

Reiko Kaneko's Drip Teas and Lip Tease
Reiko Kaneko’s Drip Teas and Lip Tease

Laura Plant's Ceramic Handle with Found Blade
Laura Plant’s Ceramic Handle with Found Blade

The plate glass wall of the gallery acts as a window into the room, where viewers will see products such as Hektor Mamet’s Leaning Chair and Reiko Kaneko’s Drip Teas & Lip Tease cups.

Hector Mamet's Leaning Chair
Hector Mamet’s Leaning Chair

Tippy by Joe Ferrari
Tippy by Joe Ferrari

A rather sinister giant par of articulated hands hangs over the display, which Studio XAG describes as ‘a very fitting motif for an exhibition in which handcraft is the star of the show’.

Plate by Robert Dawson
Plate by Robert Dawson

The consultancy adds, ‘Personal nostalgia for a youth spent making things led us to reimagine a small scale in a shoebox. Scaling this up to human size allows us to utilise an eccentric selection of furniture and products to enhance the playful mood, with elegant trompe l’oeil tableware nodding to the tea-drinking sensibility.’

Work by Sung Kug Kim
Work by Sung Kug Kim

Dave Clarke's Gore Blimey
Dave Clarke’s Gore Blimey

Hands On runs at University of the Arts London’s Arts Gallery, 272 High Holborn, London WC1V, from 16 September-29 October.

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