Kent Lyons designs BBC site for Reading and Leeds festivals

The Reading and Leeds festivals kick off today with a dedicated BBC online presence designed by Kent Lyons.

The site, at, will provide in-depth coverage, artist biographies, photos and videos uploaded throughout the weekend.

Although built in accordance with the BBC’s Global Visual Language –the design and implementation template for all BBC digital and online services created by Research Studios – the site also needed its own distinct visual identity, says Kent Lyons creative director Jon Cefai.

‘The Global Visual Language is a solid structure that underpins it, but there are spaces around the main template panels where you have complete freedom to illustrate things differently. So we have tried to give the site its own identity, but also leave room to accommodate all the content that will be poured in as the festival runs,’ says Cefai.

Throughout the site, a dynamic illustrative style overlays silhouettes of performers with other visuals from festival footage. Elements of the visual identity will also be developed by the BBC production team for use in on-air stings and trails.

Kent Lyons won the project in an earlier pitch to design a number of festival websites for the BBC, including its Glastonbury Festival online presence, which the consultancy created earlier in the year.

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