Lambie-Nairn rebrands Middle Eastern TV network

Lambie-Nairn is rebranding Sharjah TV. The state-owned Middle Eastern television network appointed Lambie-Nairn in June following a creative and strategic pitch against three other consultancies.

The network briefed Lambie-Nairn to help it engage a wider audience, as it prepares to unveil a new programming schedule later this year focusing on Arab and Muslim family values.

Lambie-Nairn is also branding Sharjah TV’s newly created parent company Sharjah Media Corporation.

Lambie-Nairn Middle East general manager Andy Hayes says, ‘It was important to us to understand the special qualities of Sharjah itself, from its family values to its productivity and creativity.

‘The new identity will reflect this heritage as well as Sharjah TV’s new, modern programming style. This is not just an aesthetic redesign, because the network is improving the programming content itself and the branding is part of that upgrade,’ he adds.

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