New UK passport design unveiled

The redesigned UK passport has been unveiled, which will see the holder’s personal details moved to the second page, and double-page images of well-known UK scenes such as the White Cliffs of Dover used throughout.

The new passports were designed in-house by the Identity and Passport Service and currency and security document supplier De La Rue, according to a spokeswoman for the Home Office.

The new design, which the Home Office says will increase security, will see the chip which stores the holder’s details moved to the inside of the passport cover, where it will no longer be visible.

In addition, a secondary image of the holder will be printed on to the observations page, and a new transparent covering will be introduced, featuring holograms to protect the holder’s personal details.

New two-page illustrations featuring UK scenes such as the Gower Peninsula, Ben Nevis and the Giant’s Causeway will also be introduced.

Sarah Rapson, chief executive of the IPS, says, ’The new design is part of our strategy to stay ahead of criminals who look to fraudulently alter or copy passports.’

The new ten-year passport will be issued from October.

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