Pemberton & Whitefoord duo launch breakaway

Pemberton & Whitefoord creative managers Phil Curl and Wes Anson are leaving to set up a branding consultancy called Departure Studio.

Curl and Anson, who will leave P&W in five weeks’ time, have already secured several clients for Departure, including Westerham Brewery Company, property investment fund Three Delta and Northumberland-based Windsor Bakery.

‘We have been working most weekends and evenings for the past few months on these projects,’ says Anson, who has been at P&W for six years. Curl is leaving after five years at the packaging consultancy.

‘We are starting off at my kitchen table, but hope to get premises soon near London Bridge or the South Bank,’ says Anson.

P&W announced Curl and Anson’s departure to its staff this morning. Anson says, ‘I imagine that P&W will replace us but we have not had that discussion yet’.

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