Red Bee Media head of design Jeff Conrad leaves

Jeff Conrad has left Red Bee Media, where he was head of design, as the consultancy prepares for reorganisation and expansion.

Conrad, who is understood to have left to set up his own practice, was unavailable for comment, but left in June according to Andy Bryant, director of creative at Red Bee Media. Although Conrad will not be replaced directly, Bryant says Red Bee Media is expanding its workforce as the consultancy diversifies.

’We’re actively recruiting new talent and we’re definitely looking for creative, strategic, technical and account management talent,’ Bryant says.He adds, ’The way the market and the needs of our clients are moving, we need to strive to integrate creative disciplines as much as we can.’

Bryant says Red Bee Media has ’never been a pure design consultancy’ and although it has always specialised in creating media brands, increasingly staff are working across boundaries. ’Interactive designers, programmemakers and graphic designers are working together,’ he says.

A series of Red Bee Media project wins will be ’announced imminently’, according to Bryant, who says the consultancy is beginning to winmore work in the Middle East and continues to work in Western and Central Europe.

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