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Our weekly round up of interesting things we’ve seen on the web. This week’s themes: rioting and looting.

You may be aware that this week, there’s been some rioting and looting happening.

So, it was only a matter of time before the deft-of-Photoshop took matters into their own clever mitts.

Particular favourites are the emotive use of Sooty and Sweep puppets, and the yoof greedily poring over the pages of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Nikes anyone?
Nikes anyone?

The Wellcome Collection always has fascinating oddities to show, and this month’s Object of the Month is no exception.

The star of the show is Clara the celebrity rhinoceros, who poses in a series of rather fetching portraits alongside its creepy co-star, a skeleton.

A fascinating story about the pachyderm, dubbed a ‘darling of art scene.’

a non-celebrity rhino
a non-celebrity rhino

Consultancy JKR’s blog is always worth a read, and this particularly interesting entry  is about the importance of gaining some oft-needed insight on a design’s effectiveness by, to use their terminology, standing well back.

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